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Columbus Heat
Profile: Justin Rood


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Justin Rood Co-Captain / Mid lineman


Birthday:September 16 1986

Marker:2002 Black vert. feed autococker, JJ 2 piece 14'' barrel, 12-volt Red hopper, 3000 psi 48 cu pure energy nitro tank, and a Tippman Effect barrel sock

Quote: Teamwork is great... It gives the oponents someone else to shoot at. Look unimportant the oponents might be low on ammo.

Nickname: Rude-Boy

Fighting in the midst of the battle, Justin Rood's tall stature makes him an easy target. Or he would be if he weren't so stealthy. Crawling on and around bunkers, he is able to hide in small corners, and snipe off the enemy with deadly accuracy.