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Columbus Heat
Team History


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Formed in mid-November of 2002, by Dylan and Justin. Dylan and Justin were introduced to the concept after Dylan's brother went paintballing for his birthday. Dragging Dylan and Justin along, the two instantly fell face first into the fast-paced action, and sheer intensity of the game.

Sean France, a friend of Justin's was introduced to Dylan shortly after. Not long after the new team was forged, Chris Yunker was brought in as a fourth man.

A friend of Justin, Chris was the only player with true paintballing experience. His knowledge of the game helped the team forward, but 4 men were not enough. The roster had to include at least one more person to make a 5-man team, in order to participate in tournaments.

Enter James Cooper. A rowdy, eccentric, and often loud senior at the same high school as Justin ,and the others. Interested in the sport for some time, joining the team with longtime friend Sean France rounded off the team. The loudest addition to the Heat, James often talks trash to both opponents and teammates alike, just to get a reaction.

Ryan Muncey, a friend of Sean and James, was talked into playing with the team at Splatter park. due to his preformance, he was quickly enlisted
as the 6th man of the Columbus Heat.Doing all his own Customizing to his Tippman '98 he is now the Tippmann man of the team.
The Columbus Heat is coming....Tournaments in Ohio are plentiful, and the Heat are ready to bring it, and spring it on anyone who challenges us.

Are you ready to go beat-to-beat with the Columbus Heat?