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Columbus Heat
Profile: Ryan Muncey


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Ryan Muncey

Mid linesman


Birthday: January 15, 1985

Marker: "Old Blue" - Tippmann M98, 12" J&J Ceramic, Physco Ballistics Custom 2 finger trigger and gaurd, SmartParts drop forward, 20oz Co2 W/ SmartParts on/off valve, Madman spring upgrade, Custom trigger job, Custom blue paint job, 12v Revolution hoppper

Quote: "damn it dude, its simple, all you have to do is shoot the guys in the OTHER jerseys that dont look like ours"

Nicknames: Munce, Big Poppa Munce and 'Hey JackAss'

Ryan is a newer member of the Columbus Heat. He adds accuracy, and bravery to our team...or maybe hes just crazy.
And on a side note...hes funny as hell