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Columbus Heat
Profile: Dylan Miller


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Dylan Miller

Captain / Insert


Birthday: January 15, 1987

Marker: 2002 Vertical Feed Autococker

Quote: "Well I have to be confident, that's my job. It doesn't help my team any if I go waving my arms in the air screaming, 'Oh shit, we're gonna die!'"

"Pimp this, I gots neon lights under mine, so all da bitches know my house."

Nickname: Skylark, Spooky, Butterfly, D-Money

One of the founding members of Columbus Heat. Dylan has the skills that allow him to play anywhere on the field he wishes. With speed, and a constantly itchy trigger finger, Dylan is one to watch out for on the field. If he's seen smiling, then you'd better watch out because that's never a good thing for the other team. And after his recent victory at the "Fort Buckeye" field, Dylan has now given new meaning to the word, and song, "Headstrong."