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Columbus Heat
Profile: James Cooper


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James Cooper



(*(Heading Straight Outta My Mind)*)


Birthday: January 6, 1985

Marker:: Tippmann '98 

Quote: "That Was A Bit Extreme! Let's Do It Again!", "That was filthy, and that's how I like it!"

Nicknames: Jace, Bo0, Mr. Nice-Guy, Coop, Ravage, 'the loud one'

The newest member of Heat. James' skills leave little to be desired on the field. Accuracy: great. Speed: fast. His willingness to take a dive for a bunker no matter how hard the object in front of him is rates him near suicidal. With the ability to run head-first into walls, and get up only to do it again, resiliency is James' forte.

And he is a *BIG* Transformers Fan (Yes, the 80's cartoon about the robots).